Extra Information

A few helpful points to note before you buy:

  • The painting wraps around all visible surfaces, so they are beautiful from all angles.
  • Canvases which are marked as 'ready to hang' will have a sawtooth picture hanger attached to the back. They look like this:
Sawtooth Hanger
  • The backs on most of these are messy - it's part of the process. They get a little tidier after I master the pouring technique (around day 10) which means later paintings will have fewer hand prints on the back than earlier pieces.
  • Pieces can be varnished for an extra fee, your choice of matte or semi-gloss. Please send me a quick note if you are interested. This will delay shipping time by 1 week, to allow time for the piece to cure.
  • If your painting is being shipped, the shipping cost includes the price of a small box from Canada Post.
  • If you are in Ottawa and would like to see the pieces in person, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • All sales are final - but please contact me if you aren't happy with your purchase, I'm sure we can work something out!

I would be happy to make you a bespoke piece! Drop me a line to discuss your options.

Any questions? Please fill out the form below, I'm always happy to help!